Maintenance advice for RonaDeck products

The following has been prepared to allow you to protect and preserve your “RonaDeck” Resin Bound Surface.

Regular Cleaning

As with any surfacing material, “RonaDeck” Resin Bound Surfacing should be cleaned regularly and as frequently as necessary to maintain its appearance. Cleaning will also aid identification of any areas that require repair. Sweep with a broom to remove leaves, paper, etc. Use water as necessary to wash the surface.

Removing Moss and Algae

Remove any moss or algae on the surface with a proprietary moss removal solution. “RonaDeck” Resin Bound Surfacing Cleaner (FP) or diluted household bleach can be used to kill moss within the surface. If using bleach take care to avoid prolonged contact with aggregates such as limestone to avoid discolouring. Wash thoroughly with plenty of clean water afterwards and abide by local regulations with regard to use of chemicals.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum can be removed by scraping or chipping or using proprietary local “spot” removal solutions, or by larger scale commercial cleaning. Take care not to dislodge aggregate.


Power Washing

If power washing the surface, the maximum pressure should not exceed 125 bar, use cold water only, a fan type jet, maintain at least 300mm between the lance and the surface and spray at such an angle to avoid dislodging the aggregate.

Removing Cement Stains

Cement stains can be removed using hydrochloric acid (follow health and safety guidance), and test first to ensure no surface damage or discolouration will occur. 


Using the Surface

“RonaDeck” Resin Bound Surfacing is designed to be used by foot/pedestrian traffic and by light domestic vehicle traffic. Other Ronacrete systems are available for heavier traffic loads. Protect the surface from high impact loading, for example scaffolding, skips, pneumatic supports on skip lorries, and avoid dragging heavy loads across the surface. Protect the surface from liquids and other materials which may stain, soften or damage the surface, such as engine fluids, petrol, oil, diesel, paints, chewing gum, cement.

Localised Repairs

“RonaDeck” Resin Bound Surfacing can be repaired using the same combination of resin and aggregate as used during installation. Repairs should be carried out immediately they are required, to avoid further damage and degradation. Where spot repairs are undertaken there may be a slight difference in the colour due to the materials sourced plus age and use of the existing surface. Every effort will be made to get the colour match as close as possible.

Snow, Ice and Frost

Areas subject to snow, ice and frost can be treated using Rock Salt, however this may be harmful to plants and can damage surrounding metal or concrete surfaces. Excessive snow should be shovelled away using a plastic snow shovel, taking care not to damage the Resin Bound surfacing. Do not use a wire brush ice remover, alternative eco-friendly ice removers can be used, however a small area must be tested to ensure the surface is not damaged or weakened.

Something not right?

In the unlikely event that you spot something wrong we will like to know the details as soon as possible. To report a problem please send us an email to with photographs of the area that is causing you concern, along with your name, address, date of installation and your original contract number (you will find that on your original order form) As soon as we receive communication we will access the best way to resolve it for you.

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