Maintenance advice for Concrete products

The following has been prepared to allow you to protect and preserve your pattern imprinted concrete installation

No treatment please for a minimum of four weeks

Your patterned imprinted concrete product will require minimal maintenance.  Following your initial installation, we would not recommend cleaning it for up to four weeks, over this time your new pattern imprinted concrete will be strengthening. An exception would be if you spill oil on it, we recommend cleaning that up immediately.

Pressure washing

After the four week period the easiest way to keep it clean will be with a pressure washer, set to a wide fan. This clears all the debris that nature throws onto your driveway, mud, dust, algae etc, keeping your drive looking at its very best.

Re sealing

If you do not reseal the imprinted concrete surface over time you may notice that your driveway becomes dull and worn, this is more likely to happen in areas of high use. This is caused by weathering, if you imagine the grit and grime rubbing back and forth across the drive over a sustained period, or with high frequency this is like rubbing the surface with sand paper. This shows that the sealant is doing its job and protecting the concrete beneath. A reseal will bring back the full colour and bring your driveway up like new again.


Resealing is a process that we would recommend you do at least every 2 - 3 years, or when you notice any wear on the surface. A drive with higher than normal use may require you to reseal it within the first year, drums of sealant can be purchased directly from us, alternatively you could get a quote from us to reseal it for you.

Cloudy appearance

Sometimes damp weather during the installation process can affect the appearance of your driveway, usually this is just superficial and it nothing to be worried about.  If there is a problem it is more likely to be something we call blooming, this is when your driveway looks like it has become cloudy, this is normally caused by moisture that has affected the sealant.

If this happens don’t worry, it is just the very top layer of sealant, the main structure of your driveway will be unaffected. This is easily fixable, if there is blooming in your warranty period we will come and do this for you, this is the only resealing that is covered within your warranty.  What we do is breakdown the surface sealant with thinners and then simply reseal the imprinted concrete below

Something not right?

In the unlikely event that you spot something wrong we will like to know the details as soon as possible. To report a problem please send us an email to with photographs of the area that is causing you concern, along with your name, address, date of installation and your original contract number (you will find that on your original order form) As soon as we receive communication we will access the best way to resolve it for you.

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