Resin Master customer feedback - 2020            

2019 feedback results scored Resin Master 99 out of 100 for customer satisfaction.


We received feedback from 57 customers in 2019. Each customer was asked to provide a score out of 40. Our feedback score was 2,264 out of a total possible 2,280 which was 99.3%. This was up slightly on the score for 2018 which was 99.1%.

We request feedback from all our cutomers to help us with our aim to provide 100% satisfaction on every project.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you, the driveway looks amazing and I have to say your two boys Gary and Rob were absolutely excellent, couldn't have asked for better". 

Wonderful feedback - I will pass it on to the team, thanks

40 out of 40

R Hancock


9th  October 2020

"Totally satisfied - Excellent". 

Thank you for choosing Resin Master

40 out of 40

Mrs Read


1st October 2020

"Great job from start to finish, very pleased with the new look". 

Thank you for choosing Resin Master

40 out of 40

Mr Drinkwater


29th September 2020

"The house looks beautiful, everyone worked very hard and were very pleasant to deal with". 

Resin Driveway, patio and paving completed - a total makeover for your property. We are delighted that you are so happy with it.

39 out of 40

M Flint


20th September 2020

"Very satisfactory, under the present circumstances the work was carried out very well". 

Great customer service from our installers Gary and Rob

36 out of 40

V Blake


6th September 2020

"Gary and Rob worked hard to overcome the challenges with the levels to ensure that the final drive was perfectly finished to a neat, high standard. They communicated with us, making sure we were happy at each stage". 

Great customer service from our installers Gary and Rob

40 out of 40

L Baker


2nd September 2020

"Very good, I would be extremely happy to show the work on my passage way". 

So pleased to hear that Ben and Lee did such a good job

40 out of 40

B Cooper


17th August 2020

"Quick and efficient work - pleased with the overall results". 

Thank you for choosing Resin Master

37 out of 40

Mrs Allport


3rd September 2020

"Straightforward and efficient". 

Another resin drive resurfaced by Resin Master.

35 out of 40

Mr Green


11th August 2020

"Excellent work and the guys worked very hard to make it look the best it could. We are pleased with both the finished job and the service". 

Your new resin drives looks great, Thank you for choosing Resin Master.

40 out of 40

Mr and Mrs Moon


6th July 2020

"The tradesmen worked well despite having equipment failure on the second day which caused a delay. The work was carried out piecemeal and a phonecall was required to get the tarmac laid and cancellation of a programmed resin laying on another project helped completion". 

Thank you for choosing Resin Master to do the work for you. It was most frustrating, and expensive, to have our digger break on Friday, with the restrictions and limitations in place with Covid19 we were lucky to have been able to hire one to continue again with the work on Monday. The wet weather meant that we had to reschedule a larger job which, fortunately, meant that we could complete your installation with the minimum of delay.

37 out of 40

J Warriner


6th July 2020

"Excellent! The workers were courteous and very polite, arrived on time, worked hard and did a superb job. They thoroughly tidied afterwards too. 5 stars". 

Thank you for your feedback

40 out of 40

R Keveren


26th June 2020

"We had a resin drive with Chelsea Sets border. Work was delayed due to the Coronavirus, but once cleared for work Resin Master were quick and efficient. The team of five involved with the preparation and laying of the resin were proficient, knowledgable and flexible". 

Thank you for choosing Resin Master.

40 out of 40

Mr Binns


14th June 2020

"Rob and Gary worked extremely hard on preparation of the site and their attention to detail was wonderful. The whole team impressed with the system they used to ensure a constant flow of resin and pregression around the house. Wonderful job, professionally executed. Very happy with the result."

Thank you for choosing Resin Master.

40 out of 40

J. Hardie


27th May 2020

"Excellent Service"

Thank you for choosing Resin Master.

40 out of 40

A Cuthbert


9th June 2020

"In the 5 odd years of having works done on and in the house with professional external companies I must say that from start to finish we have never experienced such a fantastic service as we have with Resin Master.

From the initial free quotes to a few back and forth decisions regarding colours, your team initially doing the front and then completing the back patios. Resin Master as a whole stayed in communication with us, gave us clear outlines, provided a great quality finish (with a knowledgable team) and left the work area in a clean and reasonable manner.

We really want to thank you for providing a great service. The whole team at Resin Master should be extremely proud to have such a professional approach and we are very pleased"

Thank you for this feedback there have been challenging times with Covid-19 and it is very encouraging to have such positive comments.

40 out of 40

S Bannatyne


2nd June 2020

"The overall quality of the work was good but we would have appreciated more communication before and during the job. We had two "False Starts" with cancellation only made on the day, we ackowledge COVID-19 has caused problems but communication should not be one of them"

I think that is fair feedback, we were caught out with a combination of learning the new fitting timescales with social distancing, with rain that was forecast and didn't arrive and getting all the health and safety measures in place and ensuring the teams and customers safety - we were not up to our normal levels of efficiency.

34 out of 40

Mr Baker


1st June 2020

"Very Good - prompt arrival. Very good workmanship, removed all traces from the work area. Nice job.  "

A new patio in time for the summer, we hope you enjoy it..

40 out of 40

Mr Bradbury


19th May 2020

"Work carried outefficiently without fuss in a timely manner. Because of COVID19 we had little contact but they appear to have done a good job and tidied well at the end. Thank you."

Glad we were able to get back out and working again after the lockdown.

40 out of 40

Mr Hudson


15th May 2020

"Excellent job, friendly and courteous team - well pleased."

Thank you for choosing Resin Master

40 out of 40

Mr & Mrs Baskett


17th March 2020

"Very good from start to finish."

Enjoy your new patio - thank you

40 out of 40

Mrs Sims


12th March 2020

"Our old patio was very uneven - once the new patio was laid it was very smooth, clean, cut into the pool surround and as a slope."

It was nice to work on a swimming pool surround - thank you

40 out of 40

Mr and Mrs Andrews


11th March 2020

"Very polite, tidy, excellent job."

Great to hear that you are pleased with the work - thank you

40 out of 40

Mr Gorrod


12th March 2020

"Very good service, thank you."

Thank you for choosing Resin Master

40 out of 40

Mr and Mrs Fulford


7th March 2020

"The process from start to finish was very good and the realistic time frame was kept to with frequent updates. The lads who completed the works were excellent and had a pride in their work which was finished to a high standard."

Fabulous feedback thank you

40 out of 40

Mr and Mrs Shiells


5th March 2020

"All Satisfactory "

Thank you for choosing Resin Master

40 out of 40

Mrs Tyler


4th March 2020

"Excellent service from start to finish, very friendly and approachable staff. We would highly recommend Resin Master 5 Stars ***** "


Delighted to hear that you are so happy with your driveway

40 out of 40

Mr & Mrs Easton


3rd March 2020

"Highly professional by all members of the team that took part in the preparation and execution of the works" 


Thank you for your feedback  and choosing Resin Master for your resin Driveway

40 out of 40

Mr & Mrs Stock


17th February 2020

"Brilliant job well done - worked quickly and very neatly" 


Delighted to hear that you are so pleased with the work

40 out of 40

Mr & Mrs Taylor


11th February 2020

"Very pleased with the installation and great resin team" 


Our installation teams are extremely good and we are very proud of them  

40 out of 40

Mr Goodwin


6th February 2020

"Excellent work from Stuart to finish Resin Master Team. Polite, friendly and professional" 

Great to hear thank you, enjoy your new resin driveway  

40 out of 40

Mr Merrill


6th February 2020

"Excellent. Stuart, Jay and Rob were very polite and tidy. The drive looks amazing - Thank you" 

Fabulous feedback, thank you  

40 out of 40

Mr & Mrs Pickering


6th February 2020

"Re-surfacing front path, side path and patio - No complaints at all" 

Your new paths and patio areas looked wonderful, thanks for chosing Resin Master.  

40 out of 40

Mr Ravenscroft


5th February 2020

"Resin looks good, but very disappointed in how filthy my car was after use of an angle grinder 4 feet away. As my car was silver the concrete dust did not show until it rained the following afternoon. I also had to clean two wheelie bins that could easily have been moved" 

Thank You for bringing this to our attention. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused by this lapse in the exceptional standards normally demonstrated by our installation teams. Whilst I have no doubt that they would have cleaned the site correctly if they had observed a mess they do have the experience to have prevented it.

24 out of 40

Mr Baker


14th February 2020


Thank You for chosing Resin Master.  

36 out of 40

Mrs Webster


8th February 2020

"After a long delay due to the weather the job was done exponentially. The preparation was done well and the surface laid as agreed" 

Thank You for your feedback.  

39 out of 40

Mr Bradshaw


29th January 2020

"Very pleased with the job and very nice men" 

Thanks for chosing Resin Master for your Resin Drive. 

40 out of 40

Mr Griffiths


23rd January 2020

"We are well satisfied at a job well done. Everyone was courteous, professional, helpful, we could not have had better people to do a job for us" 

Praise indeed, thank you. 

40 out of 40

Mr & Mrs Harwood


28th January 2020

"Very pleased with the work, and very nice men" 

Thank you for choosing Resin Master, delighted that you were so happy with the team and the work that they did.

40 out of 40

Mr Griffiths


23rd January 2020

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